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“A brief moment to tell you that my art is my soul.”  - Natália Gromicho



Natália Gromicho was born in Lisbon, Portugal

Studied Belas Artes from the Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa, she specialized in painting.

Studying Arts and Crafts, including ceramics, the Portuguese painter, also studied from the private ArCo School of Art in Lisbon, where she undertook Intensive Painting.

Started to paint in 1995, she made more than 100 solo and group exhibitions, Natalia represented her country in international exhibitions such as Italy (in the biggest international Human Rights exhibition), in Brazil (the most important south America Arts and Fashion Exhibition Casa Cor Sao Paulo), in Miami (World Tour Exhibitions Contemporary Artists), the first Portuguese Artist in Adelaide, Australia (Adelaide Fringe Festival), New York (The Power of Perception II represented Portugal), Moscow (Russia invited by the Portuguese Embassy), France (Bordeaux invited to present her work for comemoration of Portugal day at the embassy), London (Hay Hill Gallery solo exhibition and representation), East-Timor (Human Rights solo exhibition and Live Painting performence to Portuguese embassy in Dili and in Fundacao Oriente), Singapore (Artz Space Gallery representation and Lucanna Fine Art & Exquisite Luxuria Auction at Singapure yacht Show), Shanghai (Noeli Art Gallery representation), Macau (Artist Residence and invited artist to the ceremony of the commemoration of Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities with the opening of a exhibition at Fundacao Oriente de Macau) and Portugal (Fundacao Oriente Museum retrospective exhibition)


Winner of several contests for exemple “Best Rolling Stone Alternative Logo” for Major Portuguese Radio Comercial in 1999 (win a trip to London and meet Rolling Stones in Bridges to Babylon Tour in Wembley.


Her works are represented in several private and institutional collections all around the world, to refer Portugal, Austrália, USA, Brazil, Italy, Russia, France, UK, East-Timor, Singapore, Shanghai, India and Macau.


Natalia Gromicho is represented by London´s Hay Hill Gallery, Creative Concept in USA, Artz Space for Singapore Market, Noeli Gallery for all Asia and meetiNG art gallery for Portugal.

Curriculum Vitae

Upcoming exhibitions 2018:



Stock off @ANG Chiado

Lisbon my Town @ANG Chiado


Lisbon, Lisbon, Lisbon @ANG Chiado


Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition 18

Sleeping @ANG Chiado


Wake up Chiado @ANG Chiado


Love the Sea @ANG Chiado


Wonderful World @ANG Chiado


HOT @ANG Chiado


O imenso azul a oriente @ Casa da Artes Porto


It´s Rainning @ANG Chiado


Lisbon´s Spring @ANG Chiado


Downtown Chiado 18

Chiado in Love @ANG Chiado


Another brick @ ANG Chiado





"See you there" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Frozen" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Depois do Oriente" @ Galeria Vieira Portuense

"I Try" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"My favorite month" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Jornadas Europeias do Patrimonio @@ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Holiday" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Hot,Hot,Hot" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Sun is Shinning" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Human Rights H20" cura de Roberto Ronca @ Rovereto, Italy

"Be Strong" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Freedom" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Spring is in the Air" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Chiado in Lisbon" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Downtown Chiado 17 @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Censored" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho, Portugal



"Natal(ia)" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho, Portugal

"China in Chiado" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho, Portugal

"Ineditvs" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho, Portugal

"Chiado Seculo XXI" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho, Portugal

"Music" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho, Portugal

"Do ocidente para o oriente" @ Museu do Oriente, Portugal

"HOT" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Nova Linguagem Pictorica" @ Casa Garden, Macau

"Music" @ Atelier Natalia Gromicho

"Arte do seculo XXI. Nova Linguagem" @ Quinta da Piedade Palace, Portugal

Untitled @ meetiNG art gallery (Portugal)

Downtown Chiado 16 @ meetiNG art gallery (Portugal)



"In Frame" @ Eurostars das Letras Hotel (Portugal)

"A new view" @ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"Stock Off" @ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"o fácil é complexo" @ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition" @Lisbon

"Secrets" @ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"Painting like a child" @ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"Atmosferas XXI Century" @ Galeria Rest. (Almada)

"In Blue" making of video @ Hotel do Chiado (Portugal)

"In Blue" Vernissage @ Hotel do Chiado (Portugal)

"In Blue" live painting @ Hotel do Chiado (Portugal)

"Poetry" @ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"Lucanna Auction" @ Singapore

"Evolution" @ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"Meet Art Miami 15" @ Nina Torres Fine Art (Miami)

"Human Rights" @ Hotel Timor (East Timor)

"Duelo das Rosas" @ Espaço Montalto (Covilhã)

"Downtown Chiado 15" @ meetiNG art gallery (Portugal)



"In Frame" @ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"Stock Off" @ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"Meet Orient" @ Artz Space (Singapore)

"Human Rights" @ Díli (East Timor) - Exhibition

"Human Rights" @ Díli (East Timor) - Live Painting

"Human Rights" @ Díli (East Timor) - Visits

"Humainty" @ New Delhi (India)

Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition (Lisbon)

Through A Glass Darkly @ Hay Hill Gallery (London)

"Summertime" @ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"Human Rights 2014# Memento" @ Rovereto,Italy

"The Rainbow Painted" @ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"Lisboa, Dignos de nota" @ Bordeaux, France

"Lisboa, Dignos de nota" @ Moscow, Russia

"New Back To Old" @ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"The Power of Perception II" @ Art Space, New York USA

"Downtown Chiado 14" - International Exhibition @ Lisbon



"Marcas de Lisboa" @ Wine Spot Premium (Portugal)

"Milano in Honor of Giordano Bruno" @ galleria Gli Eroici, Milano

Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition 2013 @ Lisbon, Portugal

"Stock OFF@ meetiNG art Chiado (Portugal)

"Nem tudo o que parece, é" @ Arganil (Portugal)

Human Rights? 2013 #Migrantes @ Rovereto, Italy

"Estudo Pictórico da capital" @ meetiNG art gallery (Portugal)

"Memory Box" @ meetiNG art gallery (Portugal)

"Sortido" @ meetiNG art gallery (Portugal)

"Ambientes" @ Santa Maria Hospital (Portugal)

Human Rights? 2013 - International Exhibition @ Specchia, Italy

"LX/XL" @ meetiNG art gallery (Portugal)

"Lisboa 2013, dignos de nota" @ Open Day - LX FACTORY (Portugal)

"Singularidades Humanas" @ meetiNG art gallery (Portugal)

"Lisboa 2013, dignos de nota" preview @ meetiNG art gallery (Portugal)

"Singularidades Humanas" @ Galeria Municipal Estarreja (Portugal)

"Human Being" @ The Exhibitionist (Australia)



"WTECA Miami 2012" @ Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery

"Human Rights 2012 - International exhibition" @ Trento, Italy

"Cinema Stories 4" @ Bibilioteca Rocha Peixoto (Povoa de Varzim)

"Casa Cor 2012" @ São Paulo, Brazil

"Human Rights 2012 - International Exhibition" @ Lecce, Italy

"2nd International exhibition" @ Galeria Vieira Portuense (Oporto)

"Exquisite Live act" @ Acercadanoite (Almada)

"Modos de ver Santarém" @ Casa do Brasil (Santarém)

"Modos de ver" @ Centro Cultural do Bom Sucesso Gallery (Alverca)

"Modos de ver" @ Rocha Peixoto Gallery (Povoa de Varzim)

"Esboços" @CAMAJ (Fogueteiro, Seixal)

"Modos de ver Albufeira" @ Samora Barros Gallery (Albufeira)

"As minhas Paixões" @ Casa da Guia (Cascais)

"Kizz me @ Espaço Arte Jovem Gallery (Miratejo; Lisbon)

"Live performence - Exquisite" @ Acercadanoite (Almada)

"Caos" @ Trem Gallery (Faro)

"Modos de ver" @ Florbela Espanca Gallery (Vila Viçosa)

"Modos de ver" @ Casa da Cultura de Elvas (Elvas)

"Modos de ver" @ Tinturaria Gallery (Covilhã)



"Live Painting and Workshop" @ Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa (Lisbon)

"Modos de ver" @ Casa da Cultura de Santa Comba Dão (Santa Comba Dão, Viseu)

"Modos de ver" @ Casa da Cultura César Oliveira (Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra)

"Lisboa" @ Colorida Gallery (Lisbon)

"...por igual" @ Biblioteca Municipal de Lousada (Lousada, Porto)

"Modos de ver" @ Casa da Cultura da Trofa (Trofa, Porto)

"Relações Humanas" @ CAMAJ (Fogueteiro, Seixal)

"Mulher do Século XXI" @ Espaço Arte Jovem Gallery (Miratejo; Lisbon)

"Recortes" @ CCD Tranquilidade (Lisbon)

"Drive in Art 9" @ National Road 10 (Paivas; Lisbon)

"24 hours live Painting" @ CAMAJ inauguration (Seixal, Lisbon) 


"Triptico" @ Amoreiras Gallery Shopping Centre (Lisbon)


"13 Luas" @ 13 Moons Space (Almada; Lisbon)
"A Viagem" @ Espaço Arte Jovem Gallery (Miratejo; Lisbon)
"Collection" @ Pharmacia Bar (Almada; Lisbon)


"Espaço Vago" @ Espaço Arte Jovem Gallery (Miratejo; Lisbon)
"Caricatura Animal" @ Sto Amaro Gallery (Laranjeiro; Lisbon)

"1st Edition of Young creatives" @ Municipal Gallery (Montijo; Lisbon) 
"Fine Arts Exhibition @ IPL" IPL (Leiria)


"Momento" @ Espaço Arte Jovem Gallery (Miratejo; Lisbon)

"Move your mind" @ Sto Amaro Gallery (Laranjeiro; Lisbon) 
"Drive In Art 2007" @ National Road 10 (Paivas; Lisbon)


"Intempéries" @ Sto Amaro Gallery (Laranjeiro; Lisbon)

"Move your Mind" @ Loja da Juventude Gallery (Miratejo; Lisbon)


"Sistema Solar" @ Sto Amaro Gallery (Laranjeiro; Lisbon)


"Caixa de Pandora" @ Ponto de Encontro Gallery (Almada; Lisbon)


"Atmosferas" @ Ponto de Encontro Gallery (Almada; Lisbon)


Exhibition @ Hospital Garcia da Horta Gallery (Almada; Lisbon)
"O Baú" @ St. Amaro Gallery (Laranjeiro; Lisbon)


"Colorifrico" @ Forum Romeu Correia Gallery (Almada; Lisbon)


Solo Exhibition @ Ponto de encontro Gallery (Almada; Lisbon)
Solo Exhibition @ Public Library S. Lazaro Gallery (Lisbon)

"Vêr de fazer" @ Imargem Gallery (Almada; Lisbon)
"Expôr" @ Municipal Shop Gallery (Lisbon)

"Antevisão" @ Culture Gallery (Almada; Lisbon)

"Pintar Almada em Azulejo" @ Solar dos Zagalos Gallery (Caparica; Lisbon)



"Young creative 2008" (Montijo)
"1st International Biennial of Montijo (IX Premio Vesperia)" (Montijo; Lisbon)
"Young Artists 2008" (Lisbon)

"Drive in Art 2007" (Seixal; Lisbon)
"II Competition Arts IPL" (Leiria)


“Best Rolling Stone Alternative Logo” for Major Portuguese Radio Comercial (won a trip to London and meet Rolling Stones in Bridges to Babylon Tour in Wembley)

1st Place (Costumes and decoration) Important Popular fest (Marchas Populares) @ Almada; Lisbon

1st Place "The Sticker" COMMEMORATIVE STICKER OF 25th APRIL (date of Freedom (the end of Dictator regime)) @ Almada
1st place along with five colleagues in the contest POSTCARDS CHRISTMAS
 @ Almada


Represented in several private and institutional collections, such as Mayor of Laranjeiro and the Municipality of Almada; Lisbon.

2 walls painted as final school course @ Escola São João de Barros ( 200x200cm)


Some comments about my work

This is Ramon Casalé, Member of Internacional Association of  Art Critics  (AICA) that made his critic about my work.

Original Spanish version.


" El trabajo de Na Gromicho me parece muy interesante, dentro de un estilo expresionista en el que la figuración y la abstracción se fusionan. El color y la forma aparecen en la mayoría de sus obras, aunque también el surrealismo como forma de mostrar una realidad ininteligible  también está presente en sus trabajos pictóricos.

Gromicho, a través de la figura humana pretende enseñar las preocupaciones, los problemas y las reflexiones que a todo ser humano le suceden en su entorno más inmediato. No son escenas agradables, ya que los personajes que aparecen demuestran actitudes hostiles y en cierto punto agresivas. En cambio si nos situamos en el ámbito animal, la artista portuguesa tiene una actidud más expectante, como si los animales estuvieran observando nuestros movimientos. El color indica la intangibilidad de sus propuestas, debido a que no son tonalidades reales, sino que más bien se aproximan a la idea expresionista de que los los sentimientos más íntimos se reflejan en toda su magnitud.

Asimismo, los desnudos femeninos que protagonizan algunas de sus obras, recuerdan más a los maniquíes que podamos contemplar en un escaparate de moda que no a seres animados, aproximándose al  mundo metafísico de De Chirico o al surreal de Wifredo Lam. El fondo cromático con las las tonalidades primarias se equilibran respecto al blanco de los cuerpos desnudos, lo que indica que le interesa más que sobresalgan los aspectos más íntimos del ser humano.

Respecto al apartado en que la abstracción ocupa un lugar preferente, tenemos a la Natalia Gromicho más auténtica y sensible,  ya que su intención es expresarse con mayor libertad, sin tantos miramientos y procurando que sus propuestas se ajusten a un entorno expresionista más próximo al universo informalista europeo que no a la action painting.

Finalmente, sólo añádir que en Natalia Gromicho tenemos un firme valor dentro del panorama artístico europeo con una trayectoria sólida y homogénea que indica una gran profesionalidad, como así lo atestigua las diferentes exposiciones realizadas tanto en Europa como en otros continentes"

Ramon Casalé
Member of Internacional Association of  Art Critics  (AICA)


Creative Concept is please to announce the representation of Portuguese artist Natália Gromicho. A gifted painter, in the purest sense, Natália has skillfully created a body of work that is simultaneously lyrical and mysterious, jubilant yet poetic. Employing these paradoxes, she skillfully applies her raw talent into different mediums and styles creating a sense of flux, depth and dominance. Natália’s work takes elemental images, from nature and the landscape to culture and individuals she encounters on her travels, and transforms using dramatic ploys such as contrasts in scale, shifts in focus,  irrored reflections, staccato images, and multiple or layered surfaces. Sensory perception for Natália is a spiritual activity, one that leads to a heightened awareness of both nature and culture—this thought process points to a new kind of realism—one that is engaged with the actual processes of life. Yet, it also references the theoretical avant-garde conceptions of deconstruction emerging during Modernism. Her work is intense, yet moving, powerful yet sensitive. Gathering her subjects in her field of vision, she draws on her inner world, inviting us to join her on a journey of discovery of the essence of being, depicting new truths of the meaning of existence. Drawing us into an enigmatic and luxurious world of imagination, seduction, and spirit, she creates organic shape and flowing shapely contours. Her luscious approach is inspired. Layered shapes and elegant color distinguish her recent body of work,  executed in a strongly stylized painting method. The energy and vigor of her explosive potraits haunt the viewer with a dynamic juxtaposition of both playful, yet eerie implications.

Studying Arts and Crafts, including ceramics, the Portuguese painter, also graduated from the private ArCo School of Art in Lisbon, where she undertook Intensive Painting. Multitalented, Natalia has additionally, specialized studies sculpture under the Cuban artist, Hans Varela, before finding her focus withing painting. Her is often described as magical. From her rich application of paint, the balance and flows created on the canvas surface, all represent a zealous vision of an ardent enthusiast. Relying equally on her unconscious, and the world around her for inspiration, she employs a philosophy and approach embraced by many poets… Personal experimentation and an openness to forms enable Natália to reach into a deep inside the soul, and allow her to recreate these images with fervor on the surface, gorgeously applying the medium of paint with beauty and sensitivity, capturing something so special and rare. Caught between description and dreamlike states, and the observed and the imagined, Natália’s work transforms the natural world into poetic visions and fantasy, while still utilizing symbolic elements to convey psychological ideas and emphasize the “freedom” of art from traditional culture. With more than 50 solo and group exhibitions, and in international art collections from Brazil, Spain, United States, UK, France, Italy, Holland and Australia, it is very easy to see why respected collectors across the globe are choosing to invest in her unique asthetic.

Creative Concept INC


“Great job! Congratulations on the launch. I really love the "Jazz". Greetings. “

Fernando Villanueva

Senior Designer at APOYO Virtual



“Congratulations on your new site Natalia! It's great to follow your picture making process, from 'Barreiro', and your ink drawings, to your bold abstractions and your stylistic figure work. Great Work, and Great Luck! "Art is life!" :)”

Frank Scicchitano


New York, USA


“Hello Natalia, your paintings are beautiful, fantastic! Congratulations.”

Tu cuarto D.

Profesional independiente en el sector Artesanía

Madrid Área, Espanha


“Hola Natália, saludos desde Uruguay. Me gustó mucho tu trabajo, tiene belleza y solidez conceptual. Valoro especialmente que no delaten si nacieron de la técnica o de la intuición, eso, a mi juicio, los hace muy interesantes. 
Leo Alvarez

Profesional independiente en el sector Bellas Artes



“Congratulations on getting your website up. The t-shirt collection is interesting. Keep up the good work.”

Edyta n

Fine Artist,Muralist, Ceramicist and Textile Art Teacher at Otis College of Design

Portland, Oregon, Área


“I like the overall quality and consistency of the work and enjoyed seeing the progression of your vision from 1995 to present. You began with harder edges, especially with the pen and ink work of 1995 and slowly began to be more subtle, emotional and painterly in approach. I do think that without showing the complex pen and inks, I would not have as great a sense of your ability and could misconstrue the later works as an artist unable to embrace structure. That is clearly not the case. 
“… although I didn't understand a word of your interview, I sensed that I was watching an artist who is completely comfortable talking about her art.
Many artists struggle with that. I was also pleased to see the scale of your work. Bravo!”

Michael Pittman

Studio Artist

Evansville, Indiana, Área

good luck with your good work Natalia, i was looking at your works and saw how you grew beautifully in those years both in abstract and figurative, how you liberated colors and drawing and forms within your paintings, your passion for painting shows almost in every work of yours, very refreshing, thank you for bringing beauty Vered terry

Painter from Israle


Fascination is the word to describwe the impact of your creations, Tnaking you in special. Grateful, regards.Rosa

Rosa Delgado - Ambito cultural El Corte Inglés Ediciones Anroart

Archive of media and exhibition coverage









Casa da Cultura de Santa Comba Dão, from 05th to 25th November





Next exhibition is @ Oliveira do Hospital, Casa da Cultura César Oliveira, from 10th to 29th October



Hello to all,

Next exhibition "Lisboa" @ Galeria Colorida, Rua Costa do Castelo, 63 Lisboa, Vernissage 10th September 7PM


Here is the catalog of "Lisboa" my recent exhibition in Lisboa


Here is the Youtube video of my presentation. I hope you like it!


Hello to all my friends,



"...por Igual" is the name of a painting exhibition that presents Natalia Gromicho next exhibition in Biblioteca Municipal in Lousada, Oporto.

The artist will be present on 08th August, 4PM, the exhibition ends on 2nd September.





"Modos de vêr" (Ways of seeing) is the name of a painting exhibition that presents Natalia Gromicho next exhibition in House of Culture in Trofa, Oporto.

The artist will be present on 16th June, the exhibition begins June 2 and ends on June 30 this year.






Flyer from my new exhibition "Human Relations"


CAMAJ in Fogueteiro - Seixal


Selecting the photos for the newspaper interview



Official flyer of "Recortes" exhibition



From 12th March to 06th April 2011


Natália Gromicho´s new exhibiton in Art Space, Seixal


"WOMAN OF THE XXI CENTURY "is the name of a painting exhibition that presents Natalia Gromicho newest exhibition in Art Space, Seixal.


"By the second decade of the year, of the new millennium, we find that women are increasingly interested in participating actively in society. I also noticed that the woman is no longer just responsible for the pregnancy and parenting.

Today, Century XXI, 2011, a woman from every country and continent is still continuing with all its rituals (religious and social.)

In this exhibition are exposed faces and expressions of women without freedom, no life of its own. There is no justification for this state of the woman in the XXI century "- Natalia Gromicho


From 3th March to 3th April 2011


Natália Gromicho´s new exhibiton “Recortes”, in Lisbon


"Recortes" is the name of a painting exhibition that presents Natalia Gromicho next exhibition in Center for Culture and Sport of Tranquilidade in the center of Lisbon.

"Brief passages of life experiences, tastes, portrayed on screen in time to endure the" Clippings "of my experiences. "- Natália Gromicho
Selection of some works that the artist stands out as a passage through his career as a painter. This exhibition will feature over 30 works by the artist.

24 hours of live Paiting at the inauguration of CAMAJ, the new art space in Fogueteiro, Seixal





New collective exhibition in San Francisco, Alcochete

You are all invited to go on the 9th October 2010 to the opening or visit between 9th and 31 October 2010



Collective exhibition in "Amoreiras Galley center" 2010

Photos of "A Viagem" 2009 in Miratejo, Almada




New exhibition in Miratejo, Almada

You are all invited to go on the 10th July 2009 to the opening or visit between 10th July and 7th Augost 2009



Photo of "Caricatura Animal" 2008 in Almada

making of "Truz" for next exhibition "Caricatura animal" 2008


Live painting in Seixal music festival 2008

Solo exhibition "Momento" March 2007

Oficial flyer from Drive in Art 7

Official flyer from "Intemperies" exhibition 2006


Official flyer from "Caixa de Pandora" exhibition 2004


Official flyer from "Atmosferas" exhibition 2003






Solo exhibition "Quinzena da Juventude" 2000




Solo exhibition in Almada 2000

Collective Exhibition "Antevisão" @ Oficina da Juventude de Almada in 1995