Natália Gromicho

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2013 "Human Rights 2013" @ Specchia, Italy




Interview on the portuguese National Radio Antena 1, for my participation on Human Rights



Natália Gromicho is going to represent Portugal on the international exhibition Human Rights? 2013, curated by Roberto Ronca.

Always sexually enslaved. Rape happens mainly be in less developed countries, where women are treated like animals. Stop this crime! It's a shame.




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Very honored to announce my participation in Human Rights 2013, international exhibition curated by Roberto Ronca. Vernissage will take place 10th August.

This edition of ‘HUMAN RIGHTS?’ will be held at Ex Convento dei Francescani Neri in Specchia, considered one of the most gorgeous small towns in Italy. The vernissage will be held 10th, august, 2013; it will be involved in the ‘White Night’ events of Specchia at 12th, august.


Vernissage Photos